Mission Statement

Become the world-wide standard platform for retail returns and repairs.

Goals; Customer Experience, Innovation, Collaboration and Community.



Unlike traditional retail return models, solvup trouble shooting and repair processing reduces unnecessary product replacement, transit and waste, allowing products to be efficiently repaired and returned to the customer where possible. This means products that are able to be repaired are given an extended lifecycle, instead of being discarded and replaced resulting in excessive landfill.

According to consumers, the most important attribute of a successful customer service professional is the ability to answer questions or handle transactions quickly – followed by being empowered to handle requests without transfers or escalations.

Ebiquity – 2014 Global, Customer Service Barometer.

Customer Experience

The solvup trouble shooting and repair platform means product issues can be resolved for customers quickly, efficiently and consistently. If a product is found to be faulty, our integrated platform can book a courier, schedule an appointment with the nearest authorised repairer, and have the whole process tracked and monitored by both your staff and your customers.

With solvup, your customers walk away with a positive view of your business, and are more likely to return and recommend you to others. The integrated approach creates the opportunity to turn potentially disgruntled customers into lifetime fans, and inspire your staff to become the brand ambassadors and product experts that your customers expect.

Cost Efficiency

solvup empowers your retail staff to troubleshoot problems at front of store. It also allows you to access data that explains the reason for the product returns, providing you with valuable product and consumer insight. With these insights, you are able to make better, more informed decisions on your future product sourcing.

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