As a customer, you’ve probably landed here because you are getting a product repaired or assessed.

solvup helps to manage faulty goods through major retailers. We do not perform the repairs though – we leave that to the experts! We’ve already helped send your item to the best repair agent and we’ve probably sent you an e-mail or SMS. Now you can use solvup to track the item – either by logging on or by calling the store.


solvup gives you a voice in-store.

solvup channels repairs, replacements and troubleshooting through a single portal. With stores using only one system for all faulty goods, in-store compliance can be tightly controlled.

We streamline the in-store process, give vendors a voice at the counter and ensure that only authorised repairers get the right products quickly. With solvup running in stores, vendors finally get a complete view of how consumers experience their brand, starting from the moment it arrives at the store counter.


Retailers use solvup to;

  • Immediately solve customers’ problems with troubleshooting.
  • Ensure customers get the most appropriate outcome, every time.
  • Seamlessly apply appropriate consumer law, product, and individual warranty guidelines.
  • Automatically direct the product for repair or return.
  • Ensure the best customer service and sustainability outcomes while minimising supply chain costs.

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Service Agents

solvup is the best way for service agents to be allocated repair cases from retailers, allowing you to connect with retailers, consumers and vendors.

What can solvup do for me?

We connect stores with service agents. solvup will:

  • Automatically identify whether items are within their warranty period.
  • Provide troubleshooting tips for use at point of sale.
  • Help the store select a suitable repair agent.
  • Provide a diagnostic summary to our service agents.
  • Allows you to communicate directly with the store and consumer if you have any queries and helps everyone keep track of the item through status updates.

How do I view jobs in the system?

Use your ID and password to login to solvup. You will be able to see a list of all repairs assigned to you, regardless of retailer, store or brand. You can even see items that are destined for you but have not yet left the store. Each repair that is sent to you will have a unique ID. Click on the item to update it or to find out more information about the case.

Does this affect my existing relationship with vendors?

No. Continue your business as per usual – how much you are paid is none of our business. Just make sure your profile is up-to-date so you can receive work through solvup.

Can I use solvup to send information to stores?

Yes! Service agents can use solvup to confirm receipt of items, repair approvals and send ‘rectification reports’. For out of warranty repairs, you can use solvup to submit a quote to the store. The subsequent approval of the quote is also tracked.

Who selects the service agent?

Generally the retailer or the vendor will decide which service agent to use depending on brand and location. Ensuring that you are on solvup and that your profile is up-to-date is the best way to get selected. Stores have visibility of which repairers are updating solvup.

What will solvup cost me?

It won’t cost you a cent to use solvup. Retailers pay us to make their stores run more smoothly and efficiently, meaning service agents use the system for free!

solvup has lots of useful data. Can I import this straight into my repairs management system?

solvup repair data can be accessed directly via a data interface (an API). This is ideal for cloud-based repair management systems and repair networks. For more information, please contact and put ‘API’ in your subject line.

What does solvup know about repairing products?

You are the expert service agent, not us. We simply gather information from stores and send it to you. In return, we request that you provide status updates back to solvup which will be visible to the store and customer.