Over 30 years of experience providing services to the retail sector.

About us

Solvup is a strategic business unit within TIC Group, a wholly owned Australian company, with over 30 years’ experience providing “back of house” services to the retail sector. With over 1500 people employed across 15 locations around the globe, TIC Group is renowned for delivering maximum results to their customers; creating solutions that keep retailers competitive, operationally efficient and innovative.

TIC Group used its technical capability, innovative and ideation methodology to develop a cloud-based platform known as Solvup. Built with retailers in mind, Solvup soon became an industry-wide platform for handling faulty goods through retail stores, online, or over the phone. Solvup is designed to ensure the best post purchase customer experience whilst minimising supply chain costs.

TIC Group’s Reverse Logistics business collects from back of store returns good from up to 2,500 stores per week and liaises with over 3,500 suppliers. Each year, over 15 million units worth an estimated $600 million dollars are processed through a TIC service on behalf of major retail brands.