Ensure the customer is at the centre of the returns experience

Solvup is a centralised solution for handling all your customer return types, delivering a consistent customer experience with complete transparency across the returns process.

Provide a Consistent Experience

A standard returns process paired with clear business rules ensures a consistent remedy decision across all return points for all your brands.

Track and Enhance Compliance

Access to centralised returns data to monitor, measure and report on store, staff and regulatory compliance.

Empowered Staff

Enable any member of staff to quickly and correctly process a customer return without the need to contact and follow up with suppliers.

Best Post Purchase Customer Experience

Store & Regulatory Compliance

Consistent application of appropriate consumer law, product and warranty guidelines.

Automated Communications

Email, SMS and in APP notifications keep all the stakeholders informed throughout the returns process.

Easily Track a Repair or Remedy

Improve customer repair time and reduce overall enquiries back to the retailer.

Powerful Business Rules

One centralised system that simplifies complex manufacturer, retailer and regulatory returns policies to one process.

Improve Sustainable Outcomes

Decrease carbon emissions and landfill waste by reducing unnecessary product replacement.

Omni Channel

Solvup can be accessed via store, online or a call centre providing a consistent approach regardless of the customer return point.

Powerful Troubleshooting

Real time troubleshooting tips from more than 1500 suppliers to avoid non-faulty returns.